#269: A plague on our houses

Joan Givner compares Kevin Chong’s novel, The Plague (Arsenal Pulp $19.95), set in Vancouver with Albert Camus work of the same name published seventy years earlier. In 1947, Albert Camus published La Peste (The Plague), sometimes called his “resistance novel.” Set in the Algerian coastal city of Oran, it channelled his experiences during the German…
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HISTORY: It takes one to know one

In All the Fine Young Eagles: In the Cockpit with Canada’s Second World War Fighter Pilots (Douglas & McIntyre $28.95) — an updated and expanded second edition — David Bashow takes the reader into the cockpit, as its subtitle promises, but it does much more than that. He seamlessly portrays Canada’s fighter war at the…
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The wisdom of Solomon

Joel Solomon has befriended founders of Greenpeace, Hollyhock, TIDES and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream; and he has backed Mayor Gregor Robertson.

Surrey highlighted from 1850s to 1980s

In Surrey: A City of Stories, she has provided a well-researched, engaging, and inclusive historical overview of B.C.’s fast-growing city. Surrey: A City of Stories by K. Jane Watt Surrey: City of Surrey Heritage Services (Fenton Street Publishing), 2017. $25.00  /  9780973910919 Reviewed by Janet Mary Nicol * This visually rich book provides a satisfying…
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Georgia Straight endures & thrives

“Georgia Straight: A 50th Anniversary is a must-read for those interested in B.C. and Lower Mainland life in the last fifty years.” — Ron Dart

Cold feet in Tatshenshini

The walker who came in from the cold is the subject of a new book that has already won the Pojar Award and been longlisted for the Ryga Award.

Secwépemc history prevails

Marianne Ignace and Ronald E. Ignace have represented ten thousand years of settlement with Secwépemc People, Land, and Laws: Yerí7 Stsq̓ey̓s-kucw.

Norman Bethune and women

In the forthcoming Rediscovering Norman Bethune, Larry Hannant maintains Bethune was not a crass womanizer, as alleged by unreliable biographer Ted Allen. Hannant’s essay is previewed here.

Alberta/BC & the Great Divide

Jay Sherwood’s superb Surveying the Great Divide recalls how Canada’s longest provincial boundary was formalized by a few brave men over a five-year period.

We came, we saw, we skated

His history begins with early Indigenous bone and wooden skates in Canada and Finland; metal skates were developed in Europe 500 years ago.

Ryga Award shortlist announced

Shortlisted titles are Gary Geddes’ Medicine Unbundled, Travis Lupick’s Fighting for Space and David Suzuki & Ian Hanington’s Just Cool It!

Binning House

A California book provides a guide to a much-lauded West Vancouver landmark for West Coast architecture. Binning House by Matthew Soules (text) and Michael Perlmutter (photography) Novato, California: ORO Editions, 2017. $24.95 (U.S.)  /   9871939621665 Reviewed by Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe UBC SALA/West Coast Modern House Series * Architecture critic Adele Weder is now trying to preserve…
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Kaho’olawe, the 8th Hawaiian isle

A Grunt Gallery exhibit highlights the social memory of Coast Salish people of Hawaiian ancestry and their return to Hawaii to help reclaim Kaho’olawe.

Going to the dogs

Coren has written one of the world’s bestselling non-fiction books about dogs, The Intelligence of Dogs, as well as Why We Love The Dogs We Do.

Alice Ravenhill: Never Say Die

Alice Ravenhill: Never Say Die by Mary Leah de Zwart * Foreword: (below) CHAPTER ONE: A Visit from Francis CHAPTER TWO: Offering Service to Canada (1910-1926) CHAPTER THREE: Sixty-seven Years Old and What Next? CHAPTER FOUR: The Tale Behind the Tale CHAPTER FIVE: Meeting Mr. Coyote CHAPTER SIX: Getting it all Done CHAPTER SEVEN: The…
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