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#450 Classifying BC people and places

First published Dec. 18, 2018. The Collectors: A History of the Royal British Columbia Museum and Archives by Patricia E. Roy Victoria: Royal British Columbia Museum, 2018. $39.95 / 9780772672001 Reviewed by Chad Reimer * In The Collectors: A History of the Royal British Columbia Museum and Archives, Patricia Roy sets herself a daunting task:…
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Klee Wyck Journal: The Making of a Wilderness Retreat by Lou McKee Fairbanks, Alaska: Epicenter Press, 2017 9781935347750 Reviewed by Grahame Ware * Pantheism has a long and storied history. Nature exalts in a way that is simultaneously nameless and named; unconditional and conditional; joyous and painful. But many people over the centuries have come…
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SFU: Graduate Liberal Studies program

The Graduate Liberal Studies Program offered by SFU is an interdisciplinary program leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. This is a part-time program, designed for working or otherwise busy adults, with classes offered during evening and weekend hours at SFU’s downtown campus. The objective of Graduate of Liberal Studies program…
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Quills Poetry Magazine

Quills is published by William Byron Sheardown of Vancouver, British Columbia. Byron is a printer and has been publishing magazines since the age of 18. Quills Magazine comes from Byron’s deep love of poetry and his desire to create a national literary vehicle for which poets from all parts of Canada can unite to experience…
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#30 Bob Bouchette, Everyman scribe

First published October 21, 2016 Long before Allan Fotheringham or Eric Nicol, Vancouver’s most popular columnist was Bob Bouchette. The prolific non-conformist Bob Bouchette wrote literally thousands of columns, usually around 700 words each, mostly for The Vancouver Sun. His six-part series on the abysmal conditions of Vancouver’s relief camps during the Depression helped generate…
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AWARDS: Travis Lupick wins Ryga Award for Social Awareness

“We need new ideas,” says Travis Lupick. “We need to begin talking about legalizing and regulating illicit narcotics. I don’t know if any measure less will bring the numbers back under control.” Please follow and like us:

The wisdom of Solomon

Joel Solomon has befriended founders of Greenpeace, Hollyhock, TIDES and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream; and he has backed Mayor Gregor Robertson. Please follow and like us:

Georgia Straight endures & thrives

“Georgia Straight: A 50th Anniversary is a must-read for those interested in B.C. and Lower Mainland life in the last fifty years.” — Ron Dart Please follow and like us:

Norman Bethune and women

In the forthcoming Rediscovering Norman Bethune, Larry Hannant maintains Bethune was not a crass womanizer, as alleged by unreliable biographer Ted Allen. Hannant’s essay is previewed here. Please follow and like us:

Alberta/BC & the Great Divide

Jay Sherwood’s superb Surveying the Great Divide recalls how Canada’s longest provincial boundary was formalized by a few brave men over a five-year period. Please follow and like us:

We came, we saw, we skated

His history begins with early Indigenous bone and wooden skates in Canada and Finland; metal skates were developed in Europe 500 years ago. Please follow and like us:

Binning House (1941 – ????)

A California book provides a guide to a much-lauded West Vancouver landmark for West Coast architecture. Binning House by Matthew Soules (text) and Michael Perlmutter (photography) Novato, California: ORO Editions, 2017. $24.95 (U.S.)  /   9871939621665 Reviewed by Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe UBC SALA/West Coast Modern House Series * Architecture critic Adele Weder is now trying to preserve…
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