Thompson Rivers University collaboration

#157 From stage to page

First published Aug. 16, 2017 REVIEW: All the World’s a Stage: The Story of Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach By Jayne Seagrave Victoria: Heritage House, 2017. $29.95  /  9781772031768 Reviewed by Ginny Ratsoy *   In All the World’s a Stage, Jayne Seagrave has provided a history of Bard on the Beach, Vancouver’s well-known outdoor…
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#121 A 100-mile crime novel

First published April 17, 2017 REVIEW: Speakeasy by Alisa Smith Madeira Park: Douglas & McIntyre, 2017. $22.95. 978-1-77162-066-6 Reviewed John Douglas Belshaw With her partner and co-writer James MacKinnon, Alisa Smith recounted their year-long attempt to eat only foods grown and produced within a 100-mile radius of their Vancouver apartment. Their collaboration, The 100-Mile Diet: A…
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#77 Rubber chicken, pot shops, sexism

First published in Jan. 22, 2017 REVIEW: Surviving City Hall By Donna Macdonald Gibsons: Nightwood Editions, 2016. $22.95 / 978-0-88971-320-8 Reviewed by Ginny Ratsoy * In Surviving City Hall, Donna Macdonald provides a memoir of her nineteen years as a city councillor in Nelson, B.C. and her attempt to run for mayor. Reviewer Ginny Ratsoy…
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#65 A fox behind a smile

First published Dec. 17, 2016 REVIEW: Christy Clark: Behind the Smile by Judi Tyabji Victoria: Heritage House, 2016. $ 32.95 / 9781772031065 Reviewed by John Douglas Belshaw * In Christy Clark: Behind the Smile, Judy Tyabji — Liberal MLA for Okanagan East from 1991-1996 — provides a biography of Christy Clark, Premier of B.C. since 2011….
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