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#561 At home with Jack Hodgins

Damage Done by the Storm by Jack Hodgins Vancouver: Ronsdale Press 2019 $18.95 / 9781553805595 Reviewed by Ginny Ratsoy and Alexandra Horsman * First published by McClelland and Stewart in 2004, this collection has been reissued with one story added. We are happy to report that Damage Done by the Storm withstands the test of…
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#490 Applauding a forgotten play

The God of Gods: A Canadian Play by Carroll Aikins, edited and with an introduction by Kailin Wright University of Ottawa Press, 2016 $29.95 / 9780776623276 Reviewed by Ginny Ratsoy First published Feb. 19, 2019 * Although a remarkable piece of British Columbia’s theatre history played out not far from where I write and was…
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#478 Burquitlam bubble burb

Property Values by Charles Demers Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press, 2018 $17.95 / 9781551527277 Reviewed by John Douglas Belshaw First published Feb. 4, 2019 * We need to talk about … Burquitlam. It’s liminal. Which is a scholarly word meaning it occupies “a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.” (Thank you,…
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#473 Small cities take centre stage

Small Cities, Big Issues: Reconceiving Community in a Neoliberal Era by Christopher Walmsley and Terry Kading (editors) Edmonton: Athabasca University Press, 2018 $37.95 / 9781771991636 Free pdf available here. * No Straight Lines: Local Leadership and the Path From Government to Governance in Small Cities by Terry Kading (editor) Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2018…
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#433 Discord on the Pacific slope

Before and After the State: Politics, Poetics, and People(s) in the Pacific Northwest by Allan K. McDougall, Lisa Philips, and Daniel L. Boxberger Vancouver: UBC Press, 2018 $34.95 / 9780774836685 Reviewed by John Douglas Belshaw * One cannot these days escape the slogan of the Trump campaign: “Make America Great Again.” Set aside GDP, living…
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#408 Grizzly twins & latter-day saints

Gracie by Joan MacLeod Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2018 $16.95 / 9781772012026 * Thanks for Giving by Kevin Loring Vancouver: Talonbooks 2018 $19.95 / 9781772012187 Reviewed by Ginny Ratsoy First published October 26, 2018 * Editor’s note: Ginny Ratsoy reviews the latest work of two of B.C.’s top playwrights, Joan MacLeod (born 1954) and Kevin Loring (born…
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#344 Three curative plays of B.C.

First published Aug. 15, 2018. The Cure for Death by Lightning: A Play Adapted from the Novel by Gail Anderson-Dargatz by Daryl Cloran Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2018 $18.95  /  9781772012057 * Talker’s Town and The Girl who Swam Forever: Two Plays by Nelson Gray and Marie Clements Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2018 $18.95  /  9781772012019 Reviewed by Ginny…
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#189 Skimming is for milk, not reading

First published October 24, 2017 REVIEW: Garage Criticism: Cultural Missives in an Age of Distraction by Peter Babiak Vancouver: Anvil Press 2016. $20.00 /  978-1-77214-050-7 Reviewed by Ginny Ratsoy Ginny Ratsoy praises the jaw-dropping candour of Peter Babiak as he surveys popular culture in our dumbed-down digital world, still attached to his pre-internet brain, in…
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#167 Depths of Shaughnessy Heights

First published Sept. 8, 2017 The White Angel by John MacLachlan Gray Madeira Park: Douglas & McIntyre, 2017. $29.95 978-1-77162-146-5 Reviewed by Ginny Ratsoy   The challenges of writing historical fiction are manifold, according to reviewer Ginny Ratsoy. “Writers must capture both the exterior (surface and sociological details of a time they know only through…
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#157 From stage to page

First published Aug. 16, 2017 REVIEW: All the World’s a Stage: The Story of Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach By Jayne Seagrave Victoria: Heritage House, 2017. $29.95  /  9781772031768 Reviewed by Ginny Ratsoy *   In All the World’s a Stage, Jayne Seagrave has provided a history of Bard on the Beach, Vancouver’s well-known outdoor…
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#121 A 100-mile crime novel

First published April 17, 2017 REVIEW: Speakeasy by Alisa Smith Madeira Park: Douglas & McIntyre, 2017. $22.95. 978-1-77162-066-6 Reviewed John Douglas Belshaw With her partner and co-writer James MacKinnon, Alisa Smith recounted their year-long attempt to eat only foods grown and produced within a 100-mile radius of their Vancouver apartment. Their collaboration, The 100-Mile Diet: A…
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#77 Rubber chicken, pot shops, sexism

First published in Jan. 22, 2017 REVIEW: Surviving City Hall By Donna Macdonald Gibsons: Nightwood Editions, 2016. $22.95 / 978-0-88971-320-8 Reviewed by Ginny Ratsoy * In Surviving City Hall, Donna Macdonald provides a memoir of her nineteen years as a city councillor in Nelson, B.C. and her attempt to run for mayor. Reviewer Ginny Ratsoy…
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#65 A fox behind a smile

First published Dec. 17, 2016 REVIEW: Christy Clark: Behind the Smile by Judi Tyabji Victoria: Heritage House, 2016. $ 32.95 / 9781772031065 Reviewed by John Douglas Belshaw * In Christy Clark: Behind the Smile, Judy Tyabji — Liberal MLA for Okanagan East from 1991-1996 — provides a biography of Christy Clark, Premier of B.C. since 2011….
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