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#786 From Wiltshire to Teslin Lake

Kings of the Yukon: A River Journey in Search of the Chinook by Adam Weymouth, with a foreword by Harold R. Johnson Toronto: Penguin Random House (Knopf Canada), 2019 $21.00 / 9780345811806 Reviewed by Ken Madsen * Why would a young Brit set off on a 3,100 kilometre river trip through the Yukon Territory and…
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#783 Skeena River to Baja California

South Away: The Pacific Coast on Two Wheels by Meaghan Marie Hackinen Edmonton: NeWest Press, 2019 $20.95 / 9781988732633 Reviewed by Howard Macdonald Stewart * Meaghan Marie Hackinen’s South Away: The Pacific Coast on Two Wheels is about bicycling down the Pacific coast, from northern British Columbia to the south end of the Baja Peninsula….
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#695 Front-row BC sports snaps

Magic Moments in BC Sports: A Century in Photos by Kate Bird Vancouver: Greystone Books, 2019 $24.95 / 9781771644518 Reviewed by Timothy Lewis * There is something uniquely compelling about a photograph of a sporting moment…. [It] can … encapsulate the mood and magic, in a way that a televised event cannot, capturing a single…
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#690 A master’s fly patterns

Essential Fly Patterns for Lakes and Streams: Tips for Tying Your Own Flies by Brian Smith Halfmoon Bay: Caitlin Press, 2019 $24.95 / 9781773860008 Reviewed by Myles Armstead * When you Google “fly tying recipes,” you will discover website after website devoted to every aspect of the art of tying flies, from tube flies to…
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#621 A new David Thompson

Lines on a Map: Unparalleled Adventures in Modern Exploration by Frank Wolf, with a foreword by John Vaillant Victoria: Rocky Mountain Books, 2018 $25.00 / 9781771602891 Reviewed by John Gellard * On September 6, 2019, Frank Wolf’s Lines on a Map was one of five books shortlisted for the Banff Mountain Book Competition in the…
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