SFU: Graduate Liberal Studies

#1 Universal Technologies and Traditional Innovations: A Comprehensive Perspective for Museums by Yosef Wosk An Ormsby Exclusive, in collaboration with the The Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars We are pleased to present an essay by Yosef Wosk about nothing less than mankind’s accumulation and appreciation of shared knowledge and wisdom. This extraordinarily vast subject was originally the basis…
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Readers might recall The Manticore (1972), the second in Robertson Davies’ Deptford Trilogy, in which David Staunton dreams of a gypsy the night before starting Jungian therapy in Zurich. One reviewer called Davies’ novel “an engrossing primer on the precepts of Carl Jung” (Geoffrey James, “Mystic of Massey College,” The Times, 21 May 1973, p. 9)….
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SFU: Graduate Liberal Studies program

The Graduate Liberal Studies Program offered by SFU is an interdisciplinary program leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. This is a part-time program, designed for working or otherwise busy adults, with classes offered during evening and weekend hours at SFU’s downtown campus. The objective of Graduate of Liberal Studies program…
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