#589 Trevor Clark (1955-2019)

Trevor Clark (1955-2019) An obituary by Alan Twigg * Born in Toronto in 1955, ex-Vancouverite Trevor Clark died in Montreal on April 4, 2019. Clark, who moved to Vancouver in 2008, specialized in ne’er-do-well characters with vagabond tendencies and volatile relationships. He is survived by his daughter, Jade. A coincidentally novel, Damaged at Daybreak (Now…
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#570 Rolf Knight (1936-2019)

Rolf Knight (1936-2019) An obituary by Alan Twigg * Born on March 4, 1936, the son of an itinerant cook, Rolf Knight grew up in remote B.C. logging camps, without other children to play with. He gained his M.A. in anthropology at UBC in 1962, and a Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1968. For decades…
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#566 George Payerle (1945-2019)

George Thomas Payerle (1945-2019) An obituary by Alan Twigg * George Thomas Payerle was a founding member of the Writers Union of Canada. His major novel Unknown Soldier was reviewed in the inaugural issue of B.C. BookWorld in 1987. For decades within the Writers Union he was known as an always bearded, outspoken, garrulous and…
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#551 Keith Harrison (1945-2019)

Keith Harrison (1945-2019) An obituary by Alan Twigg * Born in Vancouver on June 18, 1945, John Keith Harrison, author of nine books, died at his home on Hornby Island on April 10, 2019. As a well-liked and respected professor of English and Creative Writing and Journalism at Vancouver Island University for 22 years, Keith Harrison…
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#544 Greg Younging (1961-2019)

First published May 5, 2019 Greg Younging (1961-2019) An obituary by Alan Twigg * Formerly an Assistant Director of Research for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Dr. Gregory George Younging, a publisher of Theytus Books and a professor of Indigenous Studies at the UBC Okanagan campus, died at the Penticton Hospital on May…
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#540 Wayson Choy (1939-2019)

First published April 29, 2019 Wayson Choy (1939-2019) An obituary by Alan Twigg * At age 80, Wayson Choy died at home on April 28, 2019. Wayson Choy was born on April 20, 1939 in Vancouver as the only son of two working parents. His mother was a meat-cutter and sausage stuffer; he was told…
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#531 J. Michael Yates (1938-2019)

J. Michael Yates (1938-2019) An obituary by Alan Twigg * Creator and manager of Sono Nis Press from 1966 to 1976, J. Michael Yates has died in Vancouver General Hospital on April 17, 2019 from a variety of ailments. He was one of the most influential literary figures in British Columbia during the 1970s when…
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#504 Joe Rosenblatt (1933-2019)

Joe Rosenblatt (1933-2019) An obituary by Alan Twigg * “Joe was one of the most generous and kind artists [of any genre] I ever met, a truly lovely person, and a real genius.” — Phyllis Reeve “Poetry provides an environment for people to share their feral fantasies, although very rarely do wild phantasms morph into…
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#502 Patrick Lane (1939-2019)

Patrick Lane (1939-2019) An obituary by Alan Twigg * Patrick Lane was born on March 26, 1939 in the Kootenay mountain town of Sheep Creek, near Nelson, and grew up in the B.C. Interior, primarily in Vernon. His father, an ex-miner, had moved to the dry Interior because he was suffering from silicosis. Lane couldn’t…
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Margaret Ormsby (1909 – 1996)

Just over a year ago, in “Welcome to the Ormsby Review” (September 16, 2016), Richard Mackie provided his memories of Margaret Ormsby, the B.C. historian after whom The Ormsby Review is named. Mostly these referenced his conversations in two fine, old living rooms in the Coldstream Valley, near Vernon, where she lived; on Chintz-covered sofas…
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Jim Wong-Chu (1949-2017)

Chinese Canadians weren’t granted the federal vote in Canada until 1947 and they first voted provincially in 1949–the year Jim Wong-Chu was born in Hong Kong on January 28th. Jim Wong-Chu was brought to Canada at age four in 1953 where he was raised by aunts and uncles as a ‘paper son’ with false documents….
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Peter Trower (1930-2017)

Peter Trower, one B.C.’s most beloved poets, has died at age 87 on  November, 10, 2017 at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver. In 2015, Peter Trower had moved into the Inglewood Care Centre in West Vancouver after living mainly on the Sunshine Coast and in North Vancouver. He had a fall several weeks before…
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