Georgia Straight endures & thrives

“Georgia Straight: A 50th Anniversary is a must-read for those interested in B.C. and Lower Mainland life in the last fifty years.” — Ron Dart Please follow and like us:

Cold feet in Tatshenshini

The walker who came in from the cold is the subject of a new book that has already won the Pojar Award and been longlisted for the Ryga Award. Please follow and like us:

Secwépemc history prevails

Marianne Ignace and Ronald E. Ignace have represented ten thousand years of settlement with Secwépemc People, Land, and Laws: Yerí7 Stsq̓ey̓s-kucw. Please follow and like us:

Norman Bethune and women

In the forthcoming Rediscovering Norman Bethune, Larry Hannant maintains Bethune was not a crass womanizer, as alleged by unreliable biographer Ted Allen. Hannant’s essay is previewed here. Please follow and like us:

Alberta/BC & the Great Divide

Jay Sherwood’s superb Surveying the Great Divide recalls how Canada’s longest provincial boundary was formalized by a few brave men over a five-year period. Please follow and like us:

We came, we saw, we skated

His history begins with early Indigenous bone and wooden skates in Canada and Finland; metal skates were developed in Europe 500 years ago. Please follow and like us:

Ryga Award shortlist announced

Shortlisted titles are Gary Geddes’ Medicine Unbundled, Travis Lupick’s Fighting for Space and David Suzuki & Ian Hanington’s Just Cool It! Please follow and like us:

Binning House (1941 – ?)

A California book provides a guide to a much-lauded West Vancouver landmark for West Coast architecture. Binning House by Matthew Soules (text) and Michael Perlmutter (photography) Novato, California: ORO Editions, 2017. $24.95 (U.S.)  /   9871939621665 Reviewed by Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe UBC SALA/West Coast Modern House Series * Architecture critic Adele Weder is now trying to preserve…
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Kaho’olawe, the 8th Hawaiian isle

A Grunt Gallery exhibit highlights the social memory of Coast Salish people of Hawaiian ancestry and their return to Hawaii to help reclaim Kaho’olawe. Please follow and like us:

#247 High risks, high expectations

Vertical Horizons: The History of Okanagan Helicopters by Douglas M. Grant Madeira Park: Harbour Publishing, 2017 $39.95  /  9781550178135 Reviewed by Wayne Wilson First published Feb. 12, 2018 *   Helicopters have been and remain a romantic and unlikely marriage of technology and human aspiration; and it is really only in the last few decades…
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Going to the dogs

Coren has written one of the world’s bestselling non-fiction books about dogs, The Intelligence of Dogs, as well as Why We Love The Dogs We Do. Please follow and like us: