GLS Journal: Letters from the Pandemic

Letters from the Pandemic: Welcome

Letters from the Pandemic by Sasha Colby * Editor’s note: we are pleased to introduce Letters from the Pandemic: A 30th Anniversary Commemorative Public Writing Project of the Graduate Liberal Studies Program of Simon Fraser University (SFU). Sasha Colby, Director of Graduate Liberal Studies, provides an introduction (below) to the Pandemic Letters project. The letters…
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1180 Ormsby’s summer fundraiser

Ormsby’s summer fundraiser by Richard Mackie * Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Readers of The Ormsby Review, On behalf of The Ormsby Literary Society, its Board of Directors, and our Advisory Board (listed below), we must appeal to our readership for financial assistance. We are most grateful to the 96 donors who contributed to our 2020…
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Letters from the Pandemic 29: Papyrus

Papyrus by Diane McGee * Spring… Too long… Gongula… — “Papyrus,” by Ezra Pound [1] Look: the ellipses speak. They shout, in fact, insistent. I see now; Covid has really improved my vision. It’s always been about the ellipses, never about the stated. Context confers definition, words are just vacant containers. Read or hear them, though,…
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