1000 A successful fundraiser

Thank you! A successful fundraiser, Nov-Dec 2020
by Richard Mackie
Publisher and Editor
The Ormsby Review


BC historian Margaret Ormsby (1909-1996). Photo courtesy John Bosher

With this, our 1,000th post of BC books and authors, we wish to acknowledge the support of the many readers who have followed and supported The Ormsby Review since our start in September 2016.

It is sheer coincidence that this 1,000th post falls on January 1, 2021 – a happy alignment of the New Year and the numbering sequence of The Ormsby Review.

On behalf of our Board of Directors and our distinguished Advisory Board, thank you everyone for your support in our urgent fundraising appeal of November 2020. We couldn’t keep up this work of promoting homegrown BC reviewers, authors, publishers, advertisers, booksellers, donors, and funders without you!

We raised over $15,000. Please see below for the names of all 96 donors. Donations can be made here at any time.

We acknowledge Alan Twigg for his help in Ormsby’s early years, the continuing patronage of Dr. Yosef Wosk, the financial support of Creative BC in 2019-20, and the support of Graduate Liberal Studies at Simon Fraser University.

Ormsby Drive, Coldstream, BC

We thank the many BC publishers who have taken out ads on our website (see the row of banner ads at far right).

We acknowledge the Indigenous peoples of British Columbia whose traditional territory we occupy and whose natural resources still sustain us.

We could not have made it to the 1,000 mark without the support of our two boards:

Ormsby Literary Society board: Joanne Arnott, Trevor Carolan, Daniel Francis, Ron Hatch, Imogene Lim, Rachel Rose, Renee Sarojini Saklikar, Byron Sheardown, LiLynn Wan, and Eldon Yellowhorn.

Richard Mackie In Tofino, 2018

Advisory Board of The Ormsby Review: Jean Barman, Wade Davis, Robin Fisher, Cole Harris, Hugh Johnston, Patricia Roy, David Stouck, and Graeme Wynn.

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See here for “A Welcome to Ormsby Street.”

Wishing everyone happiness and good health in the coming new year of the Ox.

Richard Mackie
East Vancouver
January 1, 2021


Ormsby Street, London, 2019. Photo by Charlie Ogilvie

Donors to the Ormsby Literary Society, Nov.-Dec 2020:

Marissa Alps
Joanne Arnott
Peter Babiak
Nat Baker & Baker’s Books
Rejean Beaulieu
Carol & Rick Blacklaws
Lynne Bowen
Ben Bradley
David Brownstein
Trevor Carolan
Frank Carter
Peter Chapman
Jenny Clayton
Ben Clinton-Baker
Joanne Crozier
Rod Deakin-Drown
Mary Leah de Zwart
Brian Dedora
Christine Dickinson
Patrick Dunae
Robin Fisher
Elizabeth Forbes
Mark Forsythe
Hamar Foster
Daniel Francis
Michael Francis
Brian Fraser
Aimee Greenaway
Nancy Greene & David McGee
Mike and Marguerite Hall
Cole and Muriel Harris
Gretchen Hartley & John Salmen
Peter Hay
Grant Hayter-Menzies
Ariel Hudnall & ZG Stories
Gordon Hughes
Trevor Hughes & Laura Sauve
Jennifer Iredale
Susan Johnston
Deborah Jones
Grant Keddie
Edwin Landale
Michael Layland
Colin Levings
Imogene Lim
Kitty Lloyd
Jeff Locke
Tom Lymbery
Harold Macy
George & Gillian Mackie
Marty Magne
Loys and Alison Maingon
Cheryl Marshall
Peter McAllister & Bernadette Mertens
Robert McCandless
Robert MacDonald
Tom McGauley
Bruce McIvor & First Peoples Law Corporation
Hazel Millar & Book*hug Press
J.R. (Jim) Miller
Glen Mofford
Graham Mulligan
John and Helen O’Brian
Chris Needham & Now or Never Publishing
Gordon Olsen
Tom (T.W.) Paterson
Briony Penn
Joseph Planta
Sandi Ratch
Ginny Ratsoy
Rachel Rose
Patricia Roy
Susan Safyan
Lori Shwydky & Rebel Mountain Press
Allen Seager
Martin Segger
John Shayler
Byron Sheardown
Catherine Siba
Snowball Ventures
Howard Stewart
David Stouck
Sam Sullivan & Lynn Zanatta
Rob & Anne Taylor
Nancy & Bob Turner
Alan Twigg
Neil Vallance
Vivalogue Canada
Julian Wake
Judith Walker
Bruce Watson
Wendy Wickwire
Mark Winfield
Thomas Woods
Eldon Yellowhorn
Irene Zaffaroni & Gary Mitchell
Graham Zilm

Batten down the hatches
Richard Mackie, editor and publisher of The Ormsby Review, on Mayne Island, 2018. Photo by Rupert Mackie


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Publisher and Editor: Richard Mackie

The Ormsby Review is a journal service for in-depth coverage of B.C. books and authors. The Advisory Board consists of Jean Barman, Robin Fisher, Cole Harris, Wade Davis, Hugh Johnston, Patricia Roy, David Stouck, and Graeme Wynn. Scholarly Patron: SFU Graduate Liberal Studies. Honorary Patron: Yosef Wosk. Provincial Government Patron since September 2018: Creative BC

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